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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 9, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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football coach jerry sandusky will effectively spend the rest of his life in prison. good afternoon, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. jerry sandusky got a 30 to 60-year sentence for abusing young boys. during today's sentencing, three of his victims stood up in court to talk about how their lives have been derailed by a man they once saw as a father figure. >> but sandusky pro claimed his innocence today and declared himself the victim of a conspiracy. brian moore was in the courtroom today and he joins us live from bell font, pennsylvania with reaction. >> reporter: the judge could have sentenced jerry sandusky to hundreds of years, but said a 68-year-old defendant, the practical effect was the same. jerry sandusky left the courthouse to begin what amounts to a life sentence behind bars. the former penn state football coach once hailed as a hero on the gridiron, now officially labeled a violent sex predator
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under pennsylvania law. before sentencing, sandusky delivered a rambling 15-minute statement. he choked with emotion as he talked about smiling through his pain and he declared himself a victim. repeating claims of innocence, he made in a radio statement on the eve of sentencing. >> they can treat me as a monster but they can't take away my heart. in my heart, i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >> reporter: the prosecutor called sandusky's statements ridiculous. >> his statement today was a master piece of banal self-delusion. completely untethered from reality and without any acceptance of responsibility. >> reporter: sandusky's defense team said it will appeal the conviction. >> we believe had we had the time, we would have had an opportunity to prove jerry's innocence. >> reporter: judge kleland called it a story of betrayal and told sandusky, you abused the trust of those who trusted you. the form he coach was convicted
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on 45 counts of child sexual abuse on ten young boys he met through the second mile. his charity for underprivileged youth. three of his victims confronted him in the courtroom. e stared directly at the defendant as you said, we both know exactly whammed. you should be ashamed of yourself. another sobbed as he told the court of his abuse and his harrowing road to recovery saying,'ve not by any means arrived but i've certainly left. one of the jurors who came back to see the sentencing said she believed justice was served but that this case is somehow far from over. in fact the prosecutor says the investigation is continuing. live in bell font, pennsylvania. amtrak has restored service following a major power outage today. train service was disrupted all morning because of downed wires
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near aberdeen. it caused long lines and a whole lot of confusion for travelers at union station. people headed north to major cities like newark, new york, and boston. they were forced to make alternate plans. >> i had to change all my plans. i was going to new york. i had a bunch of business meetings. i have to figure whether i'm going to fly up or do all this remotely. >> we're not sure how we'll get north to philly. and it is pretty upsetting. i only had one day to see my sister. so we're hoping that somehow we'll get north. >> the outage also affected marc train service. normal service was restored at about 1:00 this afternoon. however, track repairs continue. to the race for the white house. today in a poll taken after the presidential debate shows a surge for mitt romney. he is up now by five points over president obama in the midwest where ohio and iowa could determine the winner in november. both candidates happen to be
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campaigning in those states today. steve handelsman joins us now from the hill with more on a shift in strategy for romney. steve? >> reporter: thanks, jim. just a few weeks ago, mitt romney had all but written ohio off. now in that critical swing state in florida and virginia, in iowa, he is pushing back hard. mitt romney came to dusty iowa on his way to ohio with new confidence that he can win those battleground states. and a new willingness to open up personally. today about glen dougherty, a navy s.e.a.l. romney met at a party. >> you can imagine how i felt when i found out he was one of the two form he s.e.a.l.s killed in bell gazay on september 11th. and it touched me, obviously. >> reporter: after the debate in denver, romney soared to a lead over president obama nationally among likely voters. in the pugh poll and the gallup
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survey. but they are seeing his numbers go down. >> definitely he got a bump but as we track it friday, saturday, sunday, we think some of that is dissipati dissipating. >> reporter: today as president obama traveled to ohio, gallup put him behind by just two points. last night in san francisco, the president mocked romney. >> somebody is cracking down on big bird. >> reporter: he put up a cable tv ad. >> it's me. big bird. >> big. yellow. a menace to our economy. mitt romney knows it is not wall street you have to worry about. it's sesame street. >> reporter: team obama even flew the message over romney today who mocked the president's move to save a tv character. >> i actually think we need to have a president who talks about saving the american people and saving good jobs and saving our future. >> reporter: a race with new energy and urgency in key states like ohio. where this is the final day for voter registration. with romney ahead among likely voters but president obama still
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in the lead in the polls with a bigger group, all registered voters, democrats figure more than ever that turnout will decide who wins on november 6th. jim? >> interesting. as we see, some of these national surveys shift toward romney or in that direction a little bit. are we seeing any movement in the swing state surveys such as virginia? >> there's not a single individual state survey out yet. no doubt they're working on them. especially in florida. north carolina, virginia, ohio, iowa, colorado, nevada, all the big swinging states. but nothing out from virginia. just that poll that ago regated the midwest which i don't think includes of course, virginia, that showed romney up by five over president obama. that doesn't break it down state by state. we'll have the numbers as soon as we get them. >> we'll see you right back here at 4:00. steve handelsman. thank you so much. in court today, a judge warned the former d.c. council
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chair kwame brown, don't tempt fate with the violation of the terms of his release. he was placed under a curfew and ordered to make weekly visits with officials. he had to go back to court after failing three time to make required weekly phone calls to check in. brown pleaded guilty in june to bank fraud and campaign finance violation. he is hoping to avoid prison time by cooperating with the prosecutors. brown will be sentenced next month. >> 11 people have now died from that meningitis outbreak linked to tainted steroid injections. the latest confirmed death happened last night in tennessee bringing that state's death toll up to six now. there have been 119 confirmed cases of meningitis across ten states. virginia has confirmed 24 cases, including one fatality. maryland has eight cases of meningitis, including one death. the tainted steroid shots used for back pain came from a massachusetts specialty pharmacy. all drugs from that pharmacy have now been recalled.
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another day where we're stuck with clouds and cooler temperatures. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here to tell us how long it will last. >> hey there. good news, the cloudy stretch that we've been enduring for the last couple of days is just about ready to come to an end. that is welcome news. it has remained fairly chilly but certainly warmer than yesterday. even with the clouds out there, we've made it to 63 now at national airport. and temperatures around the rest of northern virginia, generally warmer than most of suburban maryland. 61, manassas and leesburg, 67 in gaithersburg and germantown. 61 in annapolis. we'll be generally dry even though very cloudy overnight tonight. there are still some lingering sprinkles across the lower eastern shore and some of those may graze southern most maryland. that will be just about it. so your evening planner, cloudy and chilly, yes, but not much of a rain threat around. the temperatures drifting into the upper 50s by 7:00. mid 50s by 11:00.
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a little sunshine back in town for tomorrow. just in time for playoff baseball. we'll talk about that coming up. thanks. washington will host its first baseball playoff game in nearly 80 years tomorrow. it is game three of the series between the nats and the cardinals. it is currently tied up at one game apiece after yesterday's ugly loss against st. louis. the nats are already back in town and worked out a nats park this morning. first pitch tomorrow, scheduled for 1:07 in the afternoon. meanwhile, the orioles are headed to new york to continue their series with the yankees. the o's tied up that series with the 3-2 win over the yankees at camden yards last night. game three is tomorrow night at yankees stadium. first pitch there, 7:37. and check us out online for more on the nats and the orioles, including the impact of this wednesday's home game with the nats on streets around the stadium. you can find a complete list of closures on our website.
4:10 pm just search nationals. and coming up tonight, pat collins is out excuses for how people will get out of work about 1:00 in the afternoon. >> there will be lots of those. when news4 continues, it is being called one of the worst cases of hoarding ever. we'll tell you what was found inside this house. plus a battle in the kitchen. celebrities chefs go head to head. and imagine getting a great big hug every time you get a
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tv show host to faint during a live broadcast. but, you know -- >> are you okay? okay. >> what it does is it gives us an opportunity -- >> the show goes on even if it is the shopping channel qvc and your co-host faints during a sales pitch on a show sunday, guest host casty slay began patting her chest and appears to faint. the camera quickly cuts and the host continues to pitch. yesterday she said on her facebook page that she was feeling a lot better but didn't elaborate. another host said she fainted because of low blood sugar. >> just so you know, i would not just keep going. i would stop and help you. okay? >> i would hope so. >> i would hope so. the wikileaks founder julian
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asang got an unexpected visitor last night. lady gaga dropped in last night in london. assange has been holed up there. gaga is there to promote her new perfume. it is not clear why she decided to visit but some think -- >> the rock band green day is headlines again. this time for canceling it's up coming appearance. there's no word on whether the cancellation is related to a recent meltdown by former, by front man bille joe armstrong. following that meltdown, it was revealed that armstrong is seeking treatment for substance abuse. the real bride zilla, facebook gets frisky. >> what do they mean by this? helping you decide your date's
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text message. with us, cane from 99.5. this site clues us in on the meaning behind the text, kind of breaking the code. >> i didn't realize there was so much deciphering needed when it came to down texts. one of the co-foumders used to work for glamour magazine and she saw so many e-mails coming in from so many women saying, what does he mean by this text? what are you doing tonight? does that mean he wants to hang out or does that mean he doesn't want to hang out? oh, no. so you go to the website and you actually put screen shots of your text on to the website called, he texted. and then a panel of bros. there it is. good guys with sunglasses on. they will decipher your text and give you an onness to goodness impression. let me save you some time. if it's coming in after midnight, he wants one thing.
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>> to marry you. >> no. wrong answer. i'll leave it at that. the site is extremely popular, as you can imagine. >> thank you for breaking that down for us. once get close, if you want to get closer to your texting partner, you tell him to hit the road. that's counter intuitive. >> this story is actually very interesting. are we doing -- do you want to do the facebook best story? this is an interesting warm and fuzzy. >> the picture is amazing. >> get ready for this. facebook. these guys at m.i.t. have found a way that he ever time you get -- no. this is the hit the road one? okay. we'll do that. that's fair enough. they found that couples actually end up being closer when they take road trips. which is downer intuitive. you're absolutely right. you wouldn't think that you would become closer. a survey of 1,000 couples put together found that 68% actually felt closer to a loved one after a long road trip. this is a road trip of six hours or more. >> imagine that. >> although you could see it going the other way, too.
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>> yeah. most of the trips that i've been on have gone the other way. next time you're on a road trip, they say it is the bonding of actually arguing, up, because you have nowhere else to go. >> being stuck in that car for a long time. >> now the facebook. are you calling them vests? >> no. this is from m.i.t. they want to find a way to take the virtual world of facebook and bring it into real life. so every time you put a picture up or a comment, i love news4 at 4:00. somebody hits like. boom! it is like one of those, the pressure things you have in a doctor's office. >> the cuffs. >> it will give you a hug. the only warning they have on this if s if you don't like confined spaces, you may not like the vests. if you're extremely popular, the batteries may die. they say this could be the available by the beginning of next year.
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a facebook vest will. will restrict and give you a virtual hug. >> you're supposed to wear this all day? just when you want to feel loved. >> even in hot weather? >> this does beg the question. at what point are we transition from a virtual world to a real life world and is there a mark for in between? >> apparently so. it seems marine boot camp might be less pressure for one bridal party. >> this is the most viral video and viral image up on our webb. it is of a bridal contract. this woman wrote out a contract that is three pages long for her bridesmaids. this is a wedding that is going on in veil, colorado, next year in august. you have to see all the rules and regulations. she says if it is a forever 21, $25 dress that you're expecting to buy for one party, this is not your wedding. >> all right. bride zillas, they're out there. >> how are we looking with the weather? >> not a bad day today.
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mental of cloud cover which is a little unfortunate. the drizzly, misty light rainy stuff that we endured yesterday is now at least a thing of the past. the current temperature up to 63 at national airport. a little bit warmer than yesterday. yesterday we were stranded in the mid 50s. this is an improvement. not quite as low of an overcast deck so that's helping things. tomorrow will be another step forward in the improving weather picture. temperatures, upper 50s to low 60s. certainly noticeably cooler than average. but all eyes are not on this evening. they're on tomorrow. down at nashville's ballpark. the playoff game starts at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. a mix of clouds and sunshine i think gradually, the sky will brighten as the day goes along. by the time we get to the end of the day, 67 at first pitch. a little westerly breeze as well. on the whole, good weather for tomorrow. should we go into the next day, the weather gets better through the rest of the week. nothing going on around town. there are frost advisories into the mountains of west virginia
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for overnight and storm 4 radar shows not a lot of rain going on around town. little sprinkles, that's just about it. most of them toward the delaware and maryland coastline. then it is pretty quiet back out to our west. there is a weather front coming from the upper midwest. that makes a run at us tomorrow. in the morning time, it will turn our winds to the southwest. that will allow for a warmer day tomorrow and to start clearing the skies out. and once the front itself comes by, it will usher in a northwesterly wind. that will clear the skies out by thursday. so kind of a damp and chilly evening to be on the outside. a little area of low pressure along the coastline. it may bring out one or two sprinkles across far southern maryland. don't look for a lot of rain. generally cloudy and damp. then tomorrow, southwesterly winds start the warm-up. it clears our skies a little bit. drier air on the way. we get into late wednesday
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night, early thursday morning. the front is going away from us. that means drier air and a nice improvement as we head toward thursday, friday, and even the weekend as well. so overnight, plenty of clouds around. maybe some patchy fog, chilly. can't rule out a little drizzle or light rain in southern maryland. temperature, 40s and low 50s. then tomorrow, clouds to start but improving weather tomorrow afternoon with temperatures reaching the upper 60s and low 70s. then on the whole, good but dry weather with plenty of sunshine the rest of the week. we'll talk more about the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. coming up next, the referee involved in what may have been one of the worst calls in nfl history. speaks out about his officiating. and we know her as one of the real house
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last night, dozens of d.c. restaurants partnered with an all-star lineup of chefs. >> they pitched chef against chef in a throwdown.
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>> reporter: we're at the ronald reagan building where all these people are waiting to create the delicious creations by the chefs competing in the food fight. it brings the restaurant community together to fight hunger for the d.c. central kitchen. it is a charity and an issue that is close to jose andres's heart. >> it is very simple. we all live in communities. we all want people to do well. sometimes it is people that for some reason, i think we need to put this stigma out. if we are able to give opportunity to people to learn a profession. to be meaningful to the community they live in, people will do well. and that's what this organization celebrates. we help people. we push people forward. people will do very well on their own. to see almost everybody, my friends, support them with the restaurants. support them with their presence. some of my friends, andrew zimmerman, padma, all the tv pros. it feels good.
4:26 pm
they don't do it because they're going to be like the heroes two hours and they're going to be in the spotlight. they do it because they believe it is the right thing to do. i'm very happy that we are celebrating hung we are such a festive event. >> reporter: jose is not the only big name here. there are tons of chefs that are judges. andrew zimmerman is here. anthony bourdaine is here. not just to taste the food, so many d.c. restaurants are here to support the cause but they're here for the d.c. central kitchen. it is an annual event. next year, all new judges, same creative end. news4 washington. >> she wanted that assignment. she had been waiting all year for that. >> great cause. this year's food fight raised more than $600,000 for the central kitchen. that's good. when we come right back, a controversy involving caffeinated mints. why four students were suspended
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from school for taking them even though they're legal.
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take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires.
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if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. welcome back at 4:30. i'm jim handly.
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>> i'm pat lawson muse. >> jerry sandusky will spend between 30 and 60 years in prison. a judge issued that sentence today. it mean he will likely be behind bars for the rest of his life. earlier this year, sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of child sex abuse. sandusky maintained today his innocence and he does plan to appeal. two polls are giving mitt romney a big healthy jump from his strong debate performance last week. the polls, done by gallup and the pew research center put him ahead among likely voters in the nation. however, gallup says some of romney's advantage is already dissipating. both candidates are in ohio today. amtrak trains running normally between d.c. and delaware. train service was disrupted all morning because of a power outage near aberdeen, maryland. at union station, people headed north were forced to make alternate plans. amtrak says rail service will be restored about 1:00. it was this afternoon.
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on wall street today, the dow was off 110 points to close the day at 13,473. the nasdaq, down 47 points to close at 3665. and the s&p 500 is off 14 points at 1441. let's get another check on the forecast. we've got some clouds and sprinkles in spots, too. >> yes, indeed. very cloudy looking day to be on the outside today. a little milder than yesterday. this is the view from our camera here on top of the tower in northwest washington. looking down past the national cathedral along the potomac. here's the washington monument right here and there is national airport on the far side of the river. it is a miler day than yesterday. still about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than average. temperature in the upper 50s and low 60s. the change of the scenes isn't here. no more records 90 degrees or higher. every record high from october 12th all the way through march 21st. every record high below 90 degrees. another check of the seven day and the baseball forecast.
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coming up. a caffeine controversy at an illinois high school. four students were suspended after school employees saw them eating caffeinated mints. >> as nbc's kevin tibbles reports, the pills are legal but the school doesn't see it that way. >> reporter: it all started when 17-year-old jake walker took these to school. >> i don't feel that i should lose my education over a little mint. >> reporter: they're caffeine mints. perfectly legal. to some school officials in illinois, they looked like drugs. jake and three of his friends were suspended for eating the mints during lunch. >> this is 2012. and caffeine is just caffeine. i drink soda. jake drinks soda. i didn't see anything wrong with a caffeine pill. >> reporter: school officials issued this statement. pekin communicate high school approaches consumption of mood altering substances very seriously. given the health risks at issue
4:33 pm
and the a mission to keep illegal and legal substances out of the school. >> i see people bringing in energy drinks and coffee to school every day. so i thought, hey, it's healthier. why not try to bring it in and maybe get a little more energy. >> reporter: here's a caffeine breakdown. a 16 ounce cup of coffee averages 100 milligrams of caffeine. soft drinks can contain 35 to 55 milligrams in a 12-ounce serving. energy drinks have from 76 to 207 milligrams per serving. and caffeine mints pack anywhere from 85 to 101 milligram per mint. >> if you want to get a lot of caffeine, it is hard to do with a cup of coffee or an energy drink. you'll get bloated and too full after two or three drinks and stop. with mints, it is very easy to overdose. because you just keep on popping them. >> reporter: but jake and his
4:34 pm
friends missed homecoming as a result of their predicament. and are not very happy about it. >> instead of going to homecoming, i was at home alone doing nothing and very upset. >> 15 truck loads of trash have been removed from a las vegas home. city officials there say it is the worst case of hoarding they've ever seen. they entered the house here with a court order last friday and discovered debris stacked from the floor to the ceiling. along with about two dozen dead or sick cats. the owner had carved out a small space for himself on top of his belongings but was unable to even walk upright in that house. neighbors say the hoarding has been a problem for a long time. but it became more severe in the last two years. that is when things began showing up in the front and back yards. the football referee who made one of the most controversial calls in nfl history is standing by his call. you probably never heard of lance easley but you've probably seen him signaling touchdown at
4:35 pm
the end of his monday night football game between the seahawks and the packers. he was a replacement ref and the call let newscasts including the "today" show the next morning. even though most sports fans say the pass should have been ruled an interception, easley insises he made the right call. he defended himself on the "today" show this morning. >> you have now seen the play, what? how many times? >> too many. >> 100 time you've probably -- >> probably. it is on tv every day. >> did you make the right call in. >> yes. >> you absolutely stand by this call. every sports writer i've talked to has said no. one sports writer on the show saying it was the worst call that he's ever seen in the nfl. >> well, until they change the rule, i can't do anything about the call. >> many people think that call contributed to the labor agreement between the nfl and the referees' union. the sides reached a deal days later. the replacement refs have not initiated a game since that monday night.
4:36 pm
we don't have to see them on the field anymore and some say that's a good thing. a big birthday bash at the white house. >> first dog bo turned 4 today. bo has been big a hit since arriving in d.c. three and a half years ago. he was a gift to the obamas from senator ted kennedy and his wife. mrs. obama has said that bo is a son to her and he is the smartest dog on the planet. she sent out a tweet yesterday that suggested bo is getting a party to celebrate his day. >> happy birthday, bo! caught on tape, the puppy stolen from a store that are worth more than $4,000. and we all use the like
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online shopping could soon be as easy as logging on to facebook. >> the social network giant is he is thing a feature called collections. it allows users to find items they want and click on a special want button. people can see the wanted items and will be able to go to those online stores to buy them. so far facebook is working with seven retailers on this new venture including pottery barn and victoria's secret. >> an easy way to shop. time to check out the daily deals. >> first up on living social. a half price deal on food and drink in gaithersburg.
4:40 pm
you spend $10 and you get $20 to spend at coal fire. it features pizza made with home made dough and features three original sauces. there are two days left to pick up on this pizza deal. >> hurry up. it is making me hungry, that picture. over on groupon, spend $13 and get a one-year subscription to espn magazine. more than 5,000 people have already grabbed this deal. this deal also come with a choice of a coffee tumbler, water bottle or a hat. a two-fer. >> i think i'll take the hat. when news4 at 4:00 continues, nene on the new normal. the reality star turned actress ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything.
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auction block. there's a mystery on mars. the curiosity rover has made its first scoop of the martian surface. as the first samples were being collected, they spotted a small shiny object to the ground. sample taking has been suspended until the scientists figure out what that shiny object is. mission scientists say it might have fallen off the rover. nbc's new hit comedy, the new normal, has some veteran emmy cat winners but it also has
4:44 pm
a relative newcomer. someone who got her start on reality tv. nene leakes made a name for herself on bravo house wives of atlanta. from there she spent some time with donald trump on the celebrity apprentice and now she is trying out acting as rocky, a sassy shopaholic secretary. she said there are a lot of similarities between rocky and herself. >> rocky has a lot of nene leakes in her. and rocky is fabulous and outspoken. everybody knows nene are both of those things. she is vivacious, she is a secretary, she loves her gaze and so do i. there's a lot of similarity. >> if they start dating -- >> the new normal airs tonight at 9:30 after the voice and go on nbc 4. don't mess with nene. we've had her in here. she was very sweet us on but
4:45 pm
she's been hard on other people. >> she looks tall. she is very tall. speaking of the new normal. this weather, is it the new norm for us? >> well, more or less. the change of seasons is definitely underway. no doubt about it. in the last couple days we just skipped october altogether and went straight to late november. we get a little hint of october back in the forecast for the remainder of the week. still running a bit cooler than average. wait until you see the seven day. if you have stuff to do outside, i think you'll like it. it is still a cloudy and chilly afternoon. 63 degrees still at national airport. the winds remain out of the north or northeast between five and ten miles per hour pretty much across the entire area. we did see a little break or two of sunshine across loudoun county. those clouds are quickly filling back in. as you make your plans to get outside, cloudy and chilly. the temperatures, which are in the upper 50s and low 60s, generally upper 50s by 7:00 and
4:46 pm
mid 50s by 11:00 p.m. there will be a chance for some fog to form after midnight into the early day tomorrow. there's your planner for tomorrow. cloudy, maybe a little patchy fog. the temperatures, low to mid 50s. by lunch time, the temperatures jumping into the mid to upper 60s. back into the mid 60s. the north westerly breeze coming in by late tomorrow afternoon. if you're headed out to the baseball game. 1:00, first pitch. it will be 67 under partly sunny skies and there will be more and more sunshine as the afternoon goes along tomorrow. even though it may be cloudy when the game starts, it should be decent weather by the end of the game. the last of the rain drops across parts of the lower eastern shore. there will be an opportunity for some of these rain drops to sort of migrate back to the lower end of the chesapeake bay. far southern maryland, calvert county, you could see a little light rain tonight into the front half of the day. cloudy and damp and chilly.
4:47 pm
a little ripple of low pressure along the coast. that's the reason for the cloud cover lingering through at least tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon as the low pulls away, the cold front starts to pull in. that increases our southwesterly wind. that scours the clouds out by tomorrow afternoon and allows the nice warm-up tomorrow. into the low 70s. then a brisk northwesterly wind comes in late tomorrow afternoon. it will really clear the skies out tomorrow night. but it will set us up for chilly days as we head toward thursday and friday. high pressure moving offshore for the weekend. it means south breezes return. shun briefly tomorrow. then highs into the mid to upper 60s for thursday and friday but with plenty of sunshine around and some cool mornings. into the week, the temperature in the upper 60s on saturday. mid 70s coming back for high temperatures. sunday, monday, and there will be plenty of cloud cover sunday into early monday. maybe a chance for a shower but that will be the real warm-up. the temperature into the mid 70s by the second half of the
4:48 pm
weekend. that will be good news for everybody who wants to do something outside. >> all right. there was a jewelry store in connecticut known for selling vintage bling. there was an auction this week that has people buzzing. and that's because some of the baubbles and bangals once belonged to the elite of hollywood. the jewels came with some pretty hefty price tags. >> this is a once in a lifetime to be able to touch bases like this. >> they're gorgeous. >> if it is bling you're looking for, then becker's diamonds and fine jewelry in west hartford is the place to be. old hollywood has taken over the store for the day. $3 million worth of jewels. >> this is a piece previously own by cher. my goodness. can you imagine owning a piece of her divine jewelry. isn't that awesome? >> how much is this worth?
4:49 pm
>> $19,000. how about 32,000 for this john wayne watch? it simply states what his favorite time of day was. >> time for a drink. it's 5:00 somewhere. >> i have to say, i love the bracelets and necklaces and the ring, of course. but i had to find out what the most expensive celebrity piece of jewelry is in the store and i got it. the elizabeth earrings and they could be yours for just $36,000. >> i can't imagine having that many earrings with that many diamonds. >> these could be yours, my darling. for $34,000. >> you could own a piece of elizabeth taylor's private collection. >> nice to look at. >> are you drooling over there? >> no, not really. >> okay. coming up on news4, caught on tape. the puppy is worth more than $4,000. stolen from a store.
4:50 pm
coming up at 5:00, a judge lays down the law. the nats home game tomorrow will bring a lot of traffic headaches. why more and more potential kidney donors are being turned away even though the waiting list is growing. i approve this message. mitt romney: "i'm not in favor romney's being dishonest here an independent, non-partisan liberals will raise taxes on the chairman of that so-called romney's former company. gingrich was there too. it's not independent. it's just not true.
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i'll see you in a few minutes.
4:53 pm
surveillance video shows two men into this texas pet shop and getting away puppies worth about $4,000. the men had their faces covered when they smashed their way into the store. they also broke into another pet shop off with a total of nine puppies. police are trying to find the robbers and get the puppies back where they belong. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge helped the new national soccer center today. the $160 million facility includes 12 fields, two hotels and a conference center. it will be the training ground for all of england's national teams. during their visit, will and kate spent some time with england's senior national team and wished them luck. the team has a world cup qualifying match later this week. >>
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4:56 pm
who has been missing since friday. there is a massive search in colorado for a missing 10-year-old girl. jessica ridgeway left to go to school friday morning but she never made it. in west colorado, they believe they found a major clue. >> reporter: more than 100 members of law enforcement are sefg for jessica ridgeway. a search that has expanded into neighborhoods.
4:57 pm
open fields and bodies of water near her home. on sunday her backpack was found about ten mile from the house. it is now being examined by the colorado bureau of investigations. >> they're analyzing that along with dna samples. >> reporter: the fifth grader was last seen walking to school friday morning. >> we have some witness information that really make us believe at 8:30, she was on her way to school. that she did not make it. >> reporter: jessica's school is about a third of a mile from her home. police say her mother who works overnight, was home sleeping when the school left a message to say jessica had not arrived on campus. jessica's mother reported her missing when she woke up. eight hours after the little girl was last seen on her way to school. >> it is just a real horrible situation. i can't believe something like this would happen so close to home. >> reporter: now a shocked and frightened community has rallied to help in any way it can. >> i just can't fathom losing a child. and it has been devastating for our family the last three days.
4:58 pm
i went out, volunteered and searched. >> reporter: but police are not asking for any more volunteers. only for help in distributing these fliers and for people to keep their eyes open for little jessica. >> next at 5:00, jerry sandusky's sentence for child sex abuse. get ready for transportation trouble getting to the nats playoff game or just getting home from work. and michelle obama is minutes away from giving a speech in northern virginia. good evening. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handly. first up, jerry sandusky will spend the rest of his life behind bars. today the former penn state assistant football coach was very defiant. >> he read a statement denying the allegations against him and said he is not a monster. news4's keith russell joined us in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: convicted of
4:59 pm
sexually abusing ten boys over a 15-year period, the former coach gets at least 30 years. the judge was very clear, he expects sandusky, as up, to spend the rest of his life in prison. during today's sentencing, some of the victim read statements. others had statements read on their behalf. he addressed the court for about 15 minutes with his wife and daughter looking on. the judge acknowledged his charity work but said it was only a cover-up for his deviant behavior saying his biggest crime was not what he did to the victims' bodies but what did he to their psyches and souls. >> his statement today was a master piece, banal self-delusion. completely untethered from reality and without any acceptance of responsibility. >> we believe had we had the time, that we would have had an opportunity to prove jerry's innocence. >> reporter: sandusky's attorneys have ten days to appeal the ruling. they plan to do


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